Mining projects achieve higher efficiency and productivity with the TYTRO® Shotcrete System.

Across Australia, North America, Western Europe and Latin America, contractors have used our TYTRO® products on huge mining projects.

Adopted in Chile's largest copper mine, TYTRO® has quickly become the leading solution in both mining and civil construction projects in Latin America. Among the key benefits: significant gains in productivity and cost advantages.

We have extensive experience in underground construction, including some of the largest and deepest underground mine projects in Australia, Chile and Canada. Wherever projects take you, our team of world-class field technical specialists can work with you on site to ensure you get an efficient mix that suits your project needs.

TYTRO® accelerates drilling cycles and optimises shotcrete operations at one of Australia's largest underground mine operations.

The underground mines are located in Northern Queensland, Australia. They include one of the world's largest underground copper mines, with shafts that reach 1,800 metres underground.

Our regional team of shotcrete experts and support staff worked closely with the mine's ground support operations personnel. Together, the teams developed an optimised mix design with the full TYTRO® admixture system.

By adopting TYTRO®, the mine’s ground support team made major savings, with material costs coming in 10 percent lower than other options, and rebound levels down to single digits while enhancing quality and safety for the site. They also were able to accelerate drilling cycles by one to two hours. The solution? A high performing, optimised mix design that allowed for the faster early strength value needed to re-enter the excavation face and proceed with bolting operations.