BS EN 934-2 high range water-reducing admixture

Product Description

CONCERA™ SA8733 is a high efficiency, polycarboxylate-based superplasticiser within the CONCERA family of admixtures intended for the production of Control Flow Concrete, a highly flowable concrete utilising conventional mix designs. CONCERA SA8733 is formulated to extend slump-flow life while imparting extreme workability without segregation to concrete. CONCERA SA8733 is supplied as a ready-to-use liquid that weighs approximately 1.09 + 0.02kg / L. It does not contain intentionally added chlorides.


CONCERA SA8733 is recommended for use in the production of Control Flow Concrete, a highly flowable, conventionally proportioned concrete category with slump flows that reside between conventional and self-compacting concrete.

  • Produces concrete with extremely high levels of workability without segregation. Slump flows can vary from 400 to 650mm with the types of materials used.
  • Provides superior water tolerance to the concrete making it less susceptible to normal manufacturing moisture fluctuations.
  • Extends slump life to enable batch plant adjustments and predictable job site plastic properties, CONCERA SA8733 can also be used as a conventional high-range water reducer.

Product Advantages

  • Uses conventional mix designs
  • Enables the production of extremely high-flowing, segregation-resistant concrete
  • Yields consistent and predictable slump flows
  • Provides extended slump flow retention
  • Reduces/ eliminates job-site QC support
  • Provides consistent air management

Control Flow Concrete

Control Flow Concrete is a highly flowable concrete utilising conventional mix designs, which requires minimal external energy to properly consolidate. Control Flow Concrete produced with CONCERA SA8733 high range water-reducing admixture has unique advantages compared to conventional flowing concrete and/or Self-Compacting Concrete.

Advantages Compared to Self-Compacting Concrete Mixtures

  • Lower material costs – uses conventional mix designs instead of specialised mix proportions.
  • Superior moisture tolerance – consistent and predictable flow properties through a larger range of manufacturing moisture fluctuations.
  • Reduced jobsite quality control – improved stability and segregation resistance reduces need for jobsite adjustments.

Addition Rates

CONCERA SA8733 is an easy-to-dispense liquid admixture. Dosage rates can be adjusted to meet a wide spectrum of concrete mix proportions and performance requirements. Addition rates will normally range from 500 to 1,600mL / 100kg of cementitious material, depending on actual applications. Should conditions require using more than the recommended addition rate, please consult your local GCP representative.

Compatibility with Other Admixtures and Batch Sequencing

CONCERA SA8733 is compatible with most GCP’s admixtures as long as they are added separately to the concrete mix, usually through the water holding tank discharge line. In general, it is recommended that the product be added to the concrete mix near the end of the batch sequence for optimum performance. Please consult your local GCP representative for guidance.

Advantages Compared to Conventional Concrete Mixtures

  • High flowability concrete – enhanced flow properties with no change in stability or segregation resistance.
  • Easy placement and finishing – minimised need for vibration due to high flow and high responsiveness to external energy.
  • Segregation resistance – increased window of mix designs that maintain acceptable cohesiveness.
  • Minimised blocking – high passing ability through congested reinforcement without aggregate “blocking” when produced with maximum size aggregate conforming to ACI 211.1.
  • Fast construction – significantly faster concrete discharges and placement. •Reduced equipment wear – pumps at lower pressures.

Packaging and Handling

CONCERA SA8733 is available in bulk, delivered by metered tank trucks, in totes, and drums. CONCERA SA8733 will begin to freeze at approximately 0°C but will return to full strength after thawing and thorough agitation. In storage and for proper dispensing, the temperature should be maintained above 0°C.

Dispensing Equipment

A complete line of accurate, automatic dispensing equipment is available.

Health and Safety

See CONCERA SA8733 Material Safety Data Sheet or consult GCP Applied Technologies. | For technical information:

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