ADVA® Cast 528

High early strength polymer-based superplasticiser for precast concrete

Product Description

ADVA® Cast 528 is a polymer-based, high range water-reducing admixture that is specially designed for producing superior high early strength concrete in precast applications. ADVA Cast 528 contains no added chloride. It is formulated to comply with specifications for chemical admixtures for concrete: ASTM C 494 and Type F; BS 5075: Part 3: 1985.

One litre weighs approximately 1.04kg ± 0.02kg.


ADVA Cast 528 is a superior dispersing admixture, having a marked capacity to disperse cement agglomerates normally found in a cement-water suspension. The capability of ADVA Cast 528 exceeds that of normal water-reducing admixtures (Type WR) and high range water reducers (Type HWR), resulting in lower dosages and better performance.

Product Advantages

  • Superior Early Strength Enhancement — ADVA Cast 528 accelerates cement hydration at a very early stage. Together with the very efficient dispersion effect, ADVA Cast 528 achieves very high early strength for the production of precast structural elements.
  • High Workability — ADVA Cast 528 is ideal for precast applications, where high early strength is desired, and where high workability will aid faster placement and improved mix consolidation.
  • Superior Surface Finish — ADVA Cast 528 produces concrete with superior surface finish, without stickiness, tearing or spotty set characteristics.
  • Superior Water Reduction — With up to 40% water reduction possible, ADVA Cast 528 is highly effective in low water-cement concrete, producing high strength and high early strength concrete.
  • Optimise Precast Concrete Production — The accelerated set times of ADVA Cast 528 may reduce or eliminate the need for heat curing to achieve high early strength concrete. The earlier removal of forms leads to reduced cycle times, faster mould turnaround, reduced total costs and increased productivity.


ADVA Cast 528 produces concrete with high early strength for precast concrete elements, while at the same time achieving high workability for easy and fast placement of concrete. It also allows concrete to be produced with very low water-cement ratios in low to high slump ranges.

Addition Rates

Addition rates of ADVA Cast 528 can vary with type of applications, but will normally range from 400 to 2,000mL / 100kg of cementitious material. In most instances, the addition of 600 to 1,600mL / 100kg of cementitious material will be sufficient. Should conditions require using more than recommended addition rates, please consult your local GCP representative.


Compatibility with Other Admixtures

ADVA Cast 528 is compatible with most water-reducing admixtures as well as specialty admixtures like accelerators, DCI® Corrosion Inhibitor, ECLIPSE® Shrinkage-Reducing Admixture and V-MAR® Rheology-Modifying Admixture. ADVA Cast 528 should not be used together with NSFC-based superplasticiser. Trial mixes need to be carried out to determine the compatibility between ADVA Cast 528 and other admixtures before use. All admixtures should be separately added to the concrete. Pretesting of the concrete should be performed to optimise dosages and addition sequence of these admixtures.

Dispensing Equipment

Please contact your local GCP representative for further information regarding the dispensing equipment for this product.


ADVA Cast 528 is available in 205L pails and in bulk.

ADVA Cast 528 contains no flammable ingredients. It will begin to freeze at approximately 0ºC, but will return to full strength after thawing and thorough agitation.

In storage, and for proper dispensing, ADVA Cast 528 should be maintained at temperatures above 0ºC.

Health and Safety

Please refer to ADVA Cast 528 Material Safety Data Sheet or consult GCP Applied Technologies. | For technical information:

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