What to consider this spec writing season

Tips on crafting architectural specifications

Architectural specification writing often feels like a balancing act. You want to make sure that your vision carries forward—and ensure it is not compromised. You need to minimize risk and also be cognizant of project timelines, budgetary constraints, and countless customer requests. Before you dive into writing, there are some basic steps to consider that can make the process easier.

Periodically review your standard specifications

Your firm's standard specifications are likely your go-to source to get started with any project. Because these standard specifications have such a pivotal role in your design process, your firm's specification writers will want to make sure that these documents are always up to date and truly reflect your company's design intention.

Leverage specialized software

Specification writing formats and tools tend to be rather broad and require customization. Therefore, you may also want to consider additional tools to help you through this process. A wide range of software solutions exist for managing construction specifications. These enable you to create specs without starting from scratch or spending an inordinate amount of time researching products. It's a good tool to help you get started.

Get input from your manufacturer's representatives

Ask your manufacturers' representatives for guide specifications for the products you want to specify and see installed on a regular basis. These documents will help communicate your intention for the use of particular products and technologies. Having them review documents early in the spec process can save you time and effort.

Contact a Design Advantage team member today

When you're writing specs for dozens of products, an insider's advice can be helpful. Not sure which concrete durability product is best for your floor? Or whether to choose liquid or sheet-applied waterproofing for your plaza deck? The array of products available these days is overwhelming. Your product manufacturer's support team and technical consultants can help you in the process. This should involve reviewing existing specifications or helping you craft specifications that align with you and your end user's goals.

"Question on a project? Design Advantage experts provide technical consultation throughout project design and construction. We'll work closely with your team to get everybody on the same page, from specification to installation."
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