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Calculating Concrete Mix Proportions for Force 10,000® Concrete

Eclipse® Floor - Effect of Eclipse Floor shrinkage-reducing admixture on curling Technical Bulletin

Eclipse® Floor - Low shrinkage mix design optimisation guidelines

Eclipse® Floor - Shrinkage-reducing admixture Technical Bulletin

Freeze-Thaw Durability for Force 10,000® Concrete

Handling Dry-Densified Force 10,000®: Delivery and Storage

Recommended Placing, Finishing and Curing Procedures for Force 10,000® Concrete Flatwork

Recommended Procedures for Batching and Mixing Force 10,000® Concrete

STRUX® 90/40 replaces WWF as minimum reinforcing for composite steel floor deck construction

Shrinkage Characteristics of Force 10,000® Concrete

The Use of Force 10,000® for Sulfate Resistance Concrete